x86 and x64 Name Origins
CPU architectures and referring to them sit in a sort of middle ground. They need to be technically accurate but over time their terminology can change. I [...]
The 286 that isn’t
A couple of weeks ago, I thought it would be neat to get a computer similar to my first PC; which was a 286. I’d actually been considering the prospect for [...]
Perceived Obsolescence Part II: Meeting up halfway
Previously I wrote about how the onward march of technology has slowed down, but the ‘stigma’ that surrounds using older hardware has not been [...]
Vintage Hardware – The Tandy 102 Portable
My most recent acquisition on this is a Tandy 102 Portable computer. I’ve actually had a spot of fun with the Tandy 102 Portable. Writing BASIC [...]
Old Game Consoles and CRTs
When it comes to playing older game consoles, there are a lot of varying opinions. One of the common ones I see is that the only way to play old game [...]
Budget Computer: Results
Previously, I wrote about something of an ‘experiment’ I was trying, which involved seeing what sort of performance and ability I would get out [...]
Thinkpad T550 Review
A while ago, I noted in my post about remapping keys how I got a new laptop. Though at the time I had not used the system enough to feel it fair to provide [...]
Budget Computer Building
My current PC is nice and fast and responsive and speedy-quick, so I really do not see a new Computer build in the foreseeable future, (to do so would be [...]
Creative Sound Blaster ZXR
I have a habit of occasionally making exorbinant purchases that I cannot, under normal circumstances, justify. I have been considering a Sound Card as just [...]
Sound Hardware
In the early days of computers, “Sound reproduction” on a computer was typically limited to a few beeps and boops. A few early PCs had limited [...]