Budget Computer: Results

July 17, 2015 - Hardware

Previously, I wrote about something of an ‘experiment’ I was trying, which involved seeing what sort of performance and ability I would get out of a relatively low-cost computer build. The parts finally arrived the other day (Nearly a Month after I ordered them, nicely done, TigerDirect…) and I built the system.

The system cost around $400 dollars, by my recollection; but certainly less than $500. So how well does it function?

Quite well. The first game I ran on it was Minecraft, expecting it to be quite jerky. However I’ve found that the framerates are quite playable, and I even played it for a good hour or so on the system. I’m just allowing Steam to download a few games to see how well it works with those. However given the price, the system performs quite admirably.

The Case is a small-form-factor case, in the sense that it is a Mini Tower. I was flummoxed about where I was supposed to install the HDD and SSD drives, until I did the unthinkable and looked at the cases small foldout manual, which showed where they go- they are screwed into a holding bracket. It was interesting putting the system together. I was also disappointed as I didn’t look into the Motherboard option close enough; it states USB3 support but that is only the hubs provided on the motherboard, so I have no place to install the case’s USB3 front header connection.

The system is also incredibly quiet- near silent, in fact. Quiet impressive. In terms of performance it feels snappier than my older desktop system, which cost twice as much (though, that was in 2008 as well). Even though that system uses a dedicated 9800GT card.

I’m trying to decide whether to put Windows 10 onto the system or stick with Windows 8.1, as well as whether to use it as a sort of test system, effectively replacing my old desktop in that capacity.

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