BASeBlock 2.8.1

  • fixed crash bug on exit when statistics folder is missing from data folder.
  • Added Deflector. This is always available when the paddle is. Press and hold shift to use it. It will cause Collectible Orbs to bounce off the paddle and powerups will explode. This is useful for avoiding certain power-ups. Be warned that the paddle will take damage from the resulting explosion.
  • Added AdvancedLevelBuilder. Still buggy since it sometimes chooses blocks that aren’t used or are buggy in some way.
  • Added “QuadSpinner”enemy. Similar to Laser Spinner, but shoots one from each side. This enemy is still being tweaked.
  • Added PolygonObstacle; This is as of yet not used. It is essentially a polygon that will be “moved about” by any ball impacts. I’m deciding what to do with it, and in what ways it could work. (destroy blocks it hits or something).

BASeBlock 2.7.1

  • Fixed a crapton of crash bugs related to some of the refactorings made in 2.7.0
  • changed some image content.

BASeBlock 2.7.0

New update!

  • Added “WoodBlock”. This block can only take damage from hits that occur on it’s side. Logic being you need to hit it “in the grain”.
  • Tweaked the drawing of “Cracked” blocks to work more generically. This also fixed some visual issues with the old method.
  • Fixed a few crash bugs. Also re-added a music file that was missing from the installer.
  • Majorly refactored the internal event system. Now the events use the “C# standard practice”. This has no outward effect, but I also fixed a few race conditions while I was there too, so that’s a win as well.

BASeBlock 2.6.0

This version represents quite a bit of work. I’m certain I’ve missed a lot of features that I added or changed, because there was a time I wasn’t really logging all the things I changed or added.

Changes: (takes deep breath…)

  • Tweaked Splash Screen/About box. Assembly view (when used as about box) now sizes properly, and displays icons for each item, too. It also is enabled for sorting User size.
  • rewrite the SandBlock, and made it visible in the Editor. Note that it still works a bit oddly, and has some clipping issues, but it works much better than it did previously (which is why it’s now visible, duh)
  • Made some fixes to the Editor, and fixed some attributes and assignments.
  • Rewrite the LaserShot, so it can now bounce off blocks.
  • refactored some parts of the editor. The outward appearance is the same but the code is a lot better to work with now.
  • Added Game Statistics. These are not yet displayed anywhere, though. (They are tracked per levelset as well as globally).
  • Added bosses. These are not yet present in the game’s default Levels and capabilities, however. To check it out, use “eyeboss” as a cheat. The cheat menu is accessible with Control+Shift+C.
  • tweaked Highscores being shown, now it will go faster if the mousebutton is pressed, similar to the score display.
  • removed the original startup sound (level startup) now the only two are the various Arkanoid reinstrumentations.
  • added numbounces field to temporary ball behaviour: ball now bounces a given number of times before suiciding itself. Naturally, this defaults to 1, so that all the code that existed before works the same. Used initially for…
  • LaserSpin Powerup, and tweaked corresponding Terminator Behaviour. Ball moves slower and shoots lasers faster, which is fine since the lasers bounce, as indicated before. Has a rather negative impact on performance….
  • Fixed the SoundDataListEditor again.
  • Lasers also bounce off of the Polygon blocks- other changes to the core classes have increased some of the capabilities with regard to Editing.
  • Added SwitchBlock, which allows setting a GroupID. when all Switches of a given GroupID are all on or all off, the Active or Inactive Trigger ID’s of each are fired.
  • Allows Dropping of supported files on the Editor to load them
  • All destructive operations (that would reset or replace the active LevelSet data which has not been saved) now have a confirmation dialog.
  • Added a drop down for Undo and Redo, to Undo or Redo to a given stack position. This might be in the previous version but I seem to remember working on it recently.
  • Fixed “QueuedSoundManager” which is used for some music and the introduction sounds.
  • Selection in Editor uses rainbow hues, to make it easier to see with some block colours.

BASeBlock 2.4.1


  • *Updated to Visual Studio 2010, and updated project to use .NET 4.0. This is something of a major change user-side since it means you will need to have .NET framework 4.0 installed. If you do not have this, it can be downloaded here.
  • *Tweaks to Editor and associated Block interfaces to work better with Polygon objects.
  • *Fixed some issues and race conditions that cause InvalidOperationExceptions.
  • *Tweaked file handling. LevelSetBuilder interface now gets a IWin32Window Owner parameter so dialogs and messageboxes they show can be given the proper location in the windowing finite state machine of the OS. End result is that there no longer appears to be that annoying issue whereby dismissing a dialog opened from the editor will focus the game window instead.
  • *HOPEFULLY fixed the issue surrounding the previous addition of Game Explorer parts.
  • *Update System re-enabled. Turns out it was working fine all along, for the most part.
  • *General improvements to the update functionality.
  • +Added PolygonBlock, as well as an EllipseBlock. These still do not work properly with the GameCharacter, but balls bounce accurately off of them.

BASeBlock 2.4.0


  • *Changed code to be more framerate independent.
  • *Fixed PowerupcycleBlock. It now works properly
  • *Fixed tetherblock to use Game-based timing rather than absolute (pausing the game pauses it’s timer)
  • *same as above, for VomitBlock
  • +Added Templates to the editor. Still a work in progress. Add .BLF files saved with the “Allow use as template” option checked in creatorproperties to %APPDATA%/BASeBlock/Templates folder
  • *Fixed SoundDataListEditor (used for editing the list of “embedded” sounds.
  • *Fixed Recent List MRU in Editor. (Adds items that are opened and saved, whereas before it only added files that were saved).
  • *holding Control key during startup presents a dialog allowing the selection of a sound engine.
  • *Enemies now give points when they die.
  • *NormalBlock now has a property that determines which sides get a border.
  • *Changed PlatformObject to work much better under new platform independent code.
  • *Tweaked colours of the fireparticle.
  • *changed many elements (text elements, particularly) to improve smoothing mode; also added outlines to those outlines to make sure they are visible regardless of background colour.
  • *Changed platformObject to move with moving blocks, and added MovingPlatformBlock (observable in “Platforming7.blf” testing levelset included with the game).
  • *improved ImageClipBlock so it caches it’s “piece” of the larger image.
  • *Fixed editor bug that caused a IndexOutofRangeException when reloading the same file and navigating through levels in the Levels tab.
  • *Fixed bug where BrickBlock was invisible in the editor
  • +Each level has a list of powerups that are possible to spawn in it, which can be changed in the editor.
  • *Added a broken debughelper. use Shift-F3 to toggle.
  • *Changed application icon to reflect new NormalBlock.
  • *Orbs now bounce off the sides of a level
  • *Fixed bug with QueuedSoundManager that was causing some Music bugs.
  • +Added Control-Alt-H shortcut when highscores are displayed to reset the high-score list for the level. This does not prompt!
  • +High scores listing has a “drop-shadow” effect.
  • +Added a bit of code to make Portable installations possible. I need to document this more thoroughly; basically, put an INI file in the same directory as the executable to make it “portable”. (the appropriate folders can be changed in that INI file to reflect the portable location).
  • +Added Support for the Windows “Game Explorer”. At least, I think I did…
  • *Changed Frustrator Powerup; instead of causing the frustration effect of the block, it now spawns a FrustratorBall. a FrustratorBall is the opposite of a normalblock, and only bounces off destroyed blocks, causing them to respawn. (it’s as disallusioning as it sounds)
  • Probably added a bunch of other stuff that I didn’t put in the devlog I’m basing this list on

Latest Version

Version 2.8.1

Old Versions:

Version 2.7.1
Version 2.7.0
Version 2.6.0
Version 2.4.1
Version 2.3.0
Version 2.2.1
Version 2.1.1
Version 2.1
Version 2.0.1 (minor bugfix)
Version 2.0.1
Version 2.0
Version (1.3)
Version (1.2) And it’s Source
Version (1.0.1)

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