Python – Get Total Length of Video Files
Previously, I wrote about Counting Lines of Code in a given directory. Recently, I had a similar curiousity- “how long are all the video files in [...]
Filling your Jars with Python
So lately I’ve been doing quite a bit of Java related stuff. I’ve learned a lot. Mostly about how much better C# is, to be honest. But this [...]
Kicking the ItemBucket
Randomization is something that is pretty much a staple in games. But the tricky part is randomizing in an expected way. Some kinds of randomization, you [...]
You’re never as awesome as you think you are
Many developers and programmers may describe their experience with a language or technology as them having “mastered” it. But is this really [...]
Programming Language Performance Part II: Python
In order to compare various languages, I will be implementing a anagram search program in a variety of languages and testing and analyzing the resulting [...]
USB Notification Sounds
Most Computer users are familiar with the Sounds that Windows emits when you plug and unplug a USB thumb drive. It’s a useful form of auditory [...]
Python- Counting Code Lines
It’s a relatively trivial task, really easy to do with the command prompt and GNU wc: [crayon-6679505b24b8a874803756/] I executed this within the [...]