Unicomp Ultra Classic – First Impressions
I found this in my draft backlog, dating from November 2013, as can be seen in the permalink. I’ve updated some of the details in the meantime When [...]
When you don’t bother to find the problem, you won’t find the right solution
This post is inspired mostly by an interesting post that was posted to the Computer Hope Forum. To summarise, this individual is looking to effectively [...]
New PC Build and components Review
It has been about a month since I built a new PC. Maybe 2. The days sort of blend together. As a result I’ve been able to use the new system and can [...]
Unicomp 104-key Ultra Classic First Impressions
My Unicomp Purchase arrived a few days ago.   Some may consider it quite spartan. No fancy gadgets or special Gizmos. It has one feature that makes it [...]
AMD & Intel, Past, Present & Future
AMD, like Cyrix VIA, and Nextech (I believe was the name) were all clone makers, they made pin compatible processors for PCs. Their primary advantage was [...]