Home ownership rant
Socially, Home ownership is almost considered part of the human life cycle; It’s practically ingrained as part of “growing up”. People move out of their [...]
My website and Advertisements
Just a sort of sidebar note thing- I’ve been running this blog/website since around 2009. A few times, I tried to “monetize” it with advertisements. [...]
Site downtime
Had a bit of a hiccup with the move to the VPS- Seems I had some WordPress plugins that weren’t PHP 7 compatible and still accessed MySQL via the bad [...]
The never-ending task of skill-set touch ups
Keeping on top of new software development platforms is a full-time job… but I’ve already got one! One of my own personal frustrations about my [...]
Super Gift Build
I perhaps enjoy messing about with Computer hardware too much. Of course, it get’s harder and harder to justify the purchase of a new computer build [...]
I’ve received the Microsoft MVP Award for .NET for 2015!
The Endless journey of learning and technical improvement continues, And this July I have once again been bestowed with the Microsoft MVP Award, for the [...]
BASeBlock Babble
More babbling about BASeBlock. It’s actually rather sad in a way because I would actually prefer to work on my work projects than on my own, simply [...]
Site Changes – March 4th 2015
I’m quite sick of the Main landing page of the site. It is a custom written CMS but I wrote it a few years ago, it’s crusty and the design is [...]
“Companies are giving our information to the NSA”
On this NSA thing So this whole thing with the “leaks” and the NSA is becoming pretty ‘common knowledge’. To be honest though [...]
The Ups and Downs of Hard Drive failures
Hard Disks fail. It is a fact that those of us who use computers understand. Perhaps ironically, however, many of us who otherwise warn others about [...]