Santa Hats. Santa Hats Everywhere
As we enter November, I am bracing myself for the yearly online festival. Every year, as December draws closer, more and more people slap Santa hats onto [...]
Modern-Day Neuroticism
There are many interesting “facts” that are supposed to apparently make us think twice about certain things. Apparently food safety rules have [...]
“Zanac” Pilot interview
Everybody knows war is hell. That hardly needs any introduction. However, not many people are aware of a certain intergalactic struggle that earth recently [...]
CSI: Why it breaks the sound barrier for shark jumping
Ok, now, to be fair, it was an OK show for the first while. Up until about the time they decided they needed all sorts of different cities where everybody [...]
a rant about “download managers”
So I was bored and decided to update my Flash plugin, a chore that I recollect stopping in it’s tracks previously, for reasons I couldn’t [...]
Old Games and Fridge Logic
When it comes to Older games; and even just games in particular, The developers obviously have to make some compromises; a game is never 100% realistic, [...]
Unexpectedly Comedic blog posts
We often hear marketing speak, and management speak- usually it’s just a bunch of meaningless words. Sometimes this type of stuff can be used to [...]
Phrase Examination III: “Cute as a button”
In yet another installment of my “Phrase Examination” series, which is only by complete coincidence entirely contiguous, I will analyze the [...]
IS there something wrong with changing requirements?
recently, I stumbled upon a ridiculous thread regarding system requirements for “Counter-strike: Source”. Well, I wouldn’t say stumbled, [...]
Phrase Examination II: “A penny saved is a penny earned”
In today's episode of phrase examination, I examine the phrase "A Penny saved is a penny earned".