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Trashed Technology Treasures: Part 1
In early 2021, I managed to quit “online shopping” almost cold Turkey. From over 8 grand I spent in 2020 to only 40 dollars throughout all of 2022. However [...]
How to make non-news into a sensational article.
Lie. Most technology news is, frankly, kind of boring. Occasionally something really neat shows up that can attract people to your failing news website, [...]
Anagrams Part 16: Rust
Making a return to my long dormant “Anagrams” series, with a language for which I had actually made a half-hearted attempt at before, Rust [...]
Generating N-Ominoes
BASeTris, my Tetris Clone which has been genericized such that I was even able to add a “Dr.Mario” Game mode, has now been around for nearly 5 years. I [...]
Yet another Rant about User Interfaces (Windows 11 Edition)
I recently noticed changes to Task Manager in Windows 11. Perhaps the systems I have Win11 on updated and this was the newest update. I don’t know. I don’t [...]
No, C# is not ‘getting bloated’
Recently, it’s been almost mematic how common the discussions about how C# is getting bloated have been; people have suggested basically creating a new [...]
C# and top-level statements
C# 9 introduced a new language feature. It was called “Top-level statements”. Basically, it allows you to write a program eschewing all the boilerplate [...]
Another Keyboard Post
I’ve written about products from Unicomp previously- specifically, the Unicomp Ultra Classic, most recently Here. Unicomp is the company who now makes the [...]
For some time, I’ve been using my primary desktop as an informal NAS. It has two 4TB Drives which serve as mass storage(one WD Red and a WD Blue), and I’ve [...]
Nintendo and Emulation
Somebody contacted me on reddit in regards to some of my older comments on the platform, and it sort of got me thinking that I write a lot of crap on there [...]