Santa Hats. Santa Hats Everywhere
As we enter November, I am bracing myself for the yearly online festival. Every year, as December draws closer, more and more people slap Santa hats onto [...]
Modern-Day Neuroticism
There are many interesting “facts” that are supposed to apparently make us think twice about certain things. Apparently food safety rules have [...]
I tend to try to keep “political” type topics off of my blog, sticking to the technical stuff. But recently I saw an infographic on facebook [...]
The ubiquitious feeling of being lazy
After working on, well, work stuff, for a day or at the end of the week, I like to try to relax. Perhaps I will play a game, or watch youtube videos or [...]
When you don’t bother to find the problem, you won’t find the right solution
This post is inspired mostly by an interesting post that was posted to the Computer Hope Forum. To summarise, this individual is looking to effectively [...]