Visual Basic

History of Development: Visual Basic 4
When it comes to major changes in Visual Basic, Visual Basic 4 is probably one of the biggest changes that came to the software since it’s inception. [...]
History of Development: Visual Basic 3.0
After the second version of Visual Basic there was no doubt that Visual Basic was here to stay. As with the development of any software product, it marched [...]
Programming Languages (2)
I have a feeling this will be a topic I will cover at length repeatedly, and each time I will have learned things since my previous installments. The [...]
Alpha-Blended Forms revisited
Previously I wrote about implementing a Alpha-blended form with VB.NET. In that implementation, I had an abstract class derive from Form and then the [...]
Critiquing the code of an amateur
One of the things I find myself doing occasionally is looking at my old code. When you have over a decade of source code and projects that you’ve [...]
C# and VB.NET: Field initialization differences
I found this to be an interesting discovery. I always somewhat expected each .NET language to work in a similar way with regards to things such as field [...]
How to Like C#
Visual Basic has a useful Operator, the “Like” Operator. Observe it in action: [crayon-66574365f40fb970550405/] The Like operator is a pattern [...]
History of Development: Visual Basic 2.0
With the runaway success of Visual Basic 1.0, it made sense for future versions to be released improving incrementally on the existing version. Such was [...]
History of Development: Visual Basic 1.0
In what will hopefully be a recurring series on older Development Tools, Languages, and Platforms, I will be covering some information on my old flame, [...]
Is XNA going away?
Is XNA Going Away? The following consists of my opinion and does not constitute the passing on of an official statement from Microsoft. All thoughts and [...]