Nintendo and Emulation
Somebody contacted me on reddit in regards to some of my older comments on the platform, and it sort of got me thinking that I write a lot of crap on there [...]
Video Game Randomizers
“Rogue-like” Games have existed for quite a while. Effectively, these titles have some form of permadeath or perhaps a heavy penalty when your character [...]
Memory Card Adventures
Flash Memory, like anything, is no stranger to illegitimate products. You can find 2TB Flash drives on eBay that are 40 bucks, for example. These claim to [...]
Old Versus New- Old Games Edition Expansion Pack
A lot of older games and software have received source ports over the years; furthermore, a lot of those older titles have had remakes or revisions that [...]
Has Electronics preservation run amuck?
With a few decades behind it, Electronics how have an established “history”. This has resulted in a rather curious change in how “aftermarket” revisions to [...]
Retro game backwards jumping
Nonsense titles are all the rage. Over time a lot of game franchises have appeared and many of them have many installments. Sometimes, you’ll try a [...]
Windows 10 “Game Mode”
For a while now Windows 10 has had a “Game Mode” feature. I’m rather mixed on the feature myself, but generally find it strange. [...]
Old Plastics and you
As anybody knows, there can be a lot of incorrect information on the internet. Internet “Just so” stories can spread like wildfire if they are [...]
Finding All the Data (Doom “WAD” File Format)
Occasionally, I like to fire up gzDoom and play through some of the old Doom and Doom II Games and megawads. I use a Random Level generator, Obhack, which [...]
Old Game Consoles and CRTs
When it comes to playing older game consoles, there are a lot of varying opinions. One of the common ones I see is that the only way to play old game [...]