New Processors and Windows 7 and 8/8.1
There has been some concern and even repudiation about Microsoft’s decision to not provide updates to Windows 7, 8, and 8.1 when run on hardware [...]
Desktop Icon Dotted Focus Rectangle Mystery
There is a seemingly common affliction affecting some users of Windows where they find that their desktop icons receive old-style focus rectangles. This [...]
Retrieving and Setting individual Program Volume
I’ve previously written about making adjustments to the Windows Master Volume control programmatically. I alluded to the addition of possible other [...]
UAC: Vista to Now
User Account Control, or UAC, was a feature introduced to Windows in Windows Vista. With earlier versions of Windows, the default user accounts had full [...]
Shutting up Windows Update once and for all
I like to have control over when and if my system(s) perform Update tasks. As a result, I’ve configured Windows 10 Pro via Group Policy to the option [...]
The Long Saga of Long Path Names
Edit: 06/17/2016: I’ve gotten a few comments that for some reason mention “Long Path Tool”. I’m not clear why that is the case. Any [...]
GDI+ DrawImage Performance
Just thought I would make a quick post on this. I’ve been tweaking BASeBlock a bit to try to get it to allow for a larger window size, since [...]
Windows 10 Threshold 2 Release thoughts and tips
A few days ago, Microsoft released an update for Windows 10, the “Windows 10 Threshold 2” update. In some ways, this update is practically a [...]
Fixing Broken Windows “Apps”
Windows 8 introduced the concept of a Windows “App”. This has moved forward through Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. Effectively, these [...]
Dear Microsoft: plz No
I’ve been putting writing about this off for a while, but I think it is time that I wrote about it. I wrote previously about Windows 10. It’s [...]