Windows 10
Windows 10 has been out for a few weeks now. I’ve upgraded one of my backup computers from 8.1 to Windows 10 (the Build I discussed a while back). [...]
Buying Books … but never reading them
I’ve got a problem. Computer/Programming books. I have a shelf full of them. When I was a teenager my computer time was limited, so I would often [...]
XML Serialization and Nested Generic Types
For some time I have been working on and off on an attempt to create a useful, powerful, and easy to use library to help with serializing and deserializing [...]
Looking Beyond SHBrowseForFolder
In my recent posts I’ve discussed the .NET FolderBrowserDialog and how to improve upon it with an extended variant that supports more of the [...]
Folder Monitor for the Notification Area
Recently I decided to collate minor annoyances or things that I felt annoyed me or disturbed my workflow, or things that could be helpful. The purpose was [...]
Watching the Run Dialog Grow up
The Run dialog is an unassuming little dialog. It has stuck around through thick and thin. It was there for the best of times, and it was there for the [...]
The Myth of Windows Rot
Some would call it “common knowledge”. “Windows Rot” is claimed to be the tendency of a Windows install to “decay” over [...]
Windows 10
I had a chance to give Windows 10 a try Wednesday morning. It is very much- at least in terms of what we can see- similar to Windows 8. Some of the big [...]
New PC Build and components Review
It has been about a month since I built a new PC. Maybe 2. The days sort of blend together. As a result I’ve been able to use the new system and can [...]
Moving Forward Part II: Windows 95
Windows 3.1 marked the beginning of a long line of Operating System success. It did, however, have it’s share of problems; one of those was [...]