GDI+ DrawImage Performance

March 6, 2016 - .NET, Windows

Just thought I would make a quick post on this. I’ve been tweaking BASeBlock a bit to try to get it to allow for a larger window size, since it’s pretty ridiculously small. Thankfully, it was already using a backbuffered approach, so I simply made the window resizable. But I found in doing so that performance dropped substantially as I increased the size of the image.

I used the Performance and Diagnostics feature to try to diagnose the cause. most of the added time was in the GDI+ DrawImage function when it drew the backbuffer to the visible control.

After some experimentation, I was able to increase performance by a fairly good margin. This can be done by adjusting the CompositingMode, CompositingQuality, and InterpolationMode properties of the Graphics context in use and using SourceCopy, HighSpeed, and NearestNeighbor, respectively.


Looking into it it seems that GDI+ just has poor performance for image scaling.

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