Super Mario Maker
For some time I’ve been looking forward to a new “Game” that Nintendo announced some time ago- Mario Maker, which is now titled Super [...]
3D Programming is still hard
A bit of a shorter post. Sort of a “progress” report on some of the personal stuff I’ve worked on recently. BASeBlock I’ve come to [...]
Spigot/Bukkit Plugin talk
I’ve been out of the whole Bukkit Plugin business for some time, But I recently jumped back in because there was a tiny bit of demand for me to [...]
Game Development
The “Video game” industry is interesting. It’s consumer base is often fickle, frugal, and judgmental. Often, reading about it- I’m [...]
Mojang & Microsoft Rumours
I noticed I’ve been a bit quiet with posts lately. I was very busy during most of September but I’ve got some code-intensive stuff I’m [...]
SteamOS: “That’s a nice Iceberg, let’s crash into it”
Recently, Valve announced their upcoming ‘product’- a Free Operating System called SteamOS. Steam OS is the culmination of a year or so of [...]
Is XNA going away?
Is XNA Going Away? The following consists of my opinion and does not constitute the passing on of an official statement from Microsoft. All thoughts and [...]
Win7 and the case of the broken games
A frequent- and aggravating- problem that I’ve had with games on my Windows machine is that many of them simply would not start. Inspecting Task [...]
Language Wars
It is a frequent point of debate in many web communities that contain programmers- or back-seat programmers, as it were, to argue that such and such [...]
BASeBlock 2.4.0 Dev notes
The currently released version of BASeBlock is 2.3.0. I have made a lot of changes to the game, added a few blocks, abilities, and other fun stuff, and [...]