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Programming Languages and Subjectivity
Discussions about programming and programming languages are frequent. They can get heated. One interesting notion is the notion of language [...]
Zebra-Striping your Windows Forms ListView
“Zebra-Striping” is the name for a common technique for reports or long lists of items where each row is given a colour distinct from those [...]
DeletionHelper: Queue Files for deletion when your app exits.
Sometimes you need to create temporary files. Usually, you can discard those temporary files by opening them in a fashion so they are deleted when they are [...]
History of Development: Visual Basic 2.0
With the runaway success of Visual Basic 1.0, it made sense for future versions to be released improving incrementally on the existing version. Such was [...]
XNA Game Studio 4.0 and VS 2012
XNA Game Studio is a finicky bugger, and it’s even more finicky now that it is no longer being maintained. One of the biggest issues is that it [...]
EachCase: a IEnumerable extension method
C#’s linq(language-integrated query) features are some of the more powerful features available through the language. Aside from it’s query [...]
Programming Language Performance: Part XIV: D
The D Programming language is designed as a extension of C and C++ into the domain of a higher-level programming language. It is not 100% Source compatible [...]
Is XNA going away?
Is XNA Going Away? The following consists of my opinion and does not constitute the passing on of an official statement from Microsoft. All thoughts and [...]
Programming Language Performance Part XIII: Haskell
Haskell is one of those languages that, to paraphrase Rodney Dangerfield, can’t get any respect. I mean, sure, it get’s a lot of use in [...]
Per Pixel Alpha on VB.NET Forms
Note: This Post has been (partly) superceded by the implementation described in the more recent Alpha blended forms revisited Post. One common problem that [...]