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C# 6 Features: Dictionary Initializers
Yet another new feature introduced into C# 6 are a feature called Dictionary Initializers. These are another “syntax sugar” feature that [...]
A Simple Download CMS: Planning
It was some time ago, and repeatedly, that I’ve mentioned my desire to rework some parts of the site. In particular, the “Downloads” page [...]
Buying Books … but never reading them
I’ve got a problem. Computer/Programming books. I have a shelf full of them. When I was a teenager my computer time was limited, so I would often [...]
BASeBlock Babble
More babbling about BASeBlock. It’s actually rather sad in a way because I would actually prefer to work on my work projects than on my own, simply [...]
Generating a Random Polygon
I’ve been, as I mentioned previously, fiddling with BASeBlock recently and I’ve find a few little gems that are worth sharing discussing here. [...]
3D Programming is still hard
A bit of a shorter post. Sort of a “progress” report on some of the personal stuff I’ve worked on recently. BASeBlock I’ve come to [...]
Back to BASeBlock
BASeBlock was one of my first projects that I wrote in C#. I wrote a program that sort of worked like HijackThis and a INI file reader class- which I [...]
Redirecting Standard Handles – C#
Console applications are fairly common for handling simple, routine tasks; sometimes the task is straightforward and otherwise runs on it’s own with [...]
When you don’t bother to find the problem, you won’t find the right solution
This post is inspired mostly by an interesting post that was posted to the Computer Hope Forum. To summarise, this individual is looking to effectively [...]
Anything can be the norm
It is an interesting phenomena to consider, our human ability to turn that which we find extraordinary into something mundane, or even undesirable through [...]