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Uploading and Downloading Data to PostGres with C#
Oftentimes dealing with Database logic is like pulling teeth. Other times, it’s like being knocked unconscious by having a fruit bat thrown at your [...]
Software Development: What makes it fun?
This is a topic that I find recurring between myself and my non-programmer friends, as well as people providing freedback on some of the Open-Source [...]
Drawing Themed Progress Bars manually
Within my Updating component, Each Element is given a little Progress Bar right within the ListView. It’s drawn using a Gradient background. [...]
Mixing Languages in Real-World Applications
The observant may notice that there have been a rather significant drop in my post frequency over the last month or so. This is because I’ve managed [...]
Zebra-Striping your Windows Forms ListView
“Zebra-Striping” is the name for a common technique for reports or long lists of items where each row is given a colour distinct from those [...]
Iterator Methods and System.IO
One of the more interesting omissions from .NET so far has been that the System.IO namespace has not been updated to take advantage of new Language and CLR [...]
DeletionHelper: Queue Files for deletion when your app exits.
Sometimes you need to create temporary files. Usually, you can discard those temporary files by opening them in a fashion so they are deleted when they are [...]
Integrated Development Environments. These are the programming tools that most of us have come to almost take for granted. They provide the ability to [...]
EachCase: a IEnumerable extension method
C#’s linq(language-integrated query) features are some of the more powerful features available through the language. Aside from it’s query [...]
The Lost art of Command Line Parameters
Most application frameworks/languages provide access to the Command Line parameters passed to your application. Generally it is passed to your application [...]