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File Zipping in .NET
We have had a lot of different options for creating Zip Files in .NET Applications for some time. .NET 4.5 has added built-in framework-based support for [...]
C# and VB.NET: Field initialization differences
I found this to be an interesting discovery. I always somewhat expected each .NET language to work in a similar way with regards to things such as field [...]
Serialization Pitfalls
It is a rather basic concept. The idea of saving some state within your program to disk, and restoring it later. Particularly when you are dealing with an [...]
Redirecting Standard Handles – C#
Console applications are fairly common for handling simple, routine tasks; sometimes the task is straightforward and otherwise runs on it’s own with [...]
Anything can be the norm
It is an interesting phenomena to consider, our human ability to turn that which we find extraordinary into something mundane, or even undesirable through [...]
Bulk Music Re-encoding, FLAC to MP3
Recently I got a new MP3 Player, a Sony Walkman NWZ-385. Most people have effectively replaced the MP3 Player with a Smartphone, since smartphones also [...]
News Flash: VB6 is deader than XP
After I loved on to .NET and C#, I was happy to leave the sinking ship that was VB6. As I learned C#, I became more and more aware of just how shoddy and [...]
Some .NET Reflection gotcha’s
introspection into Types, Methods, and Parameters is a very useful feature for the creation of highly dynamic programs. One use for this ability is to [...]
Determining what Processes Are Locking a File
Recently, a mysterious bug cropped up in one of the programs for which I had most of the responsibility. In this case the bug was a strange “The [...]
Reading .NET Exceptions from the Event Viewer
Handling and dealing with Errors can be tricky. When your program crashes you want to fix it as soon as possible. One of the most valuable pieces of [...]