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Comparing Objects and getting more info on the differences
Comparing Objects C# has a number of useful comparison interfaces that we can use and implement, so this would seem to be a redundant post, wouldn’t [...]
Unit Testing
Unit Testing. Books have been written about it. Many, many books. About Unit testing; about Testing methodologies, about Unit Testing approaches, about [...]
Windows 10
Windows 10 has been out for a few weeks now. I’ve upgraded one of my backup computers from 8.1 to Windows 10 (the Build I discussed a while back). [...]
Buying Books … but never reading them
I’ve got a problem. Computer/Programming books. I have a shelf full of them. When I was a teenager my computer time was limited, so I would often [...]
XML Serialization and Nested Generic Types
For some time I have been working on and off on an attempt to create a useful, powerful, and easy to use library to help with serializing and deserializing [...]
C# 6 Features: Null-conditional Operator
Previously, I wrote about String Interpolation and Expression-bodied members, new features to C# 6.0. Today I will be looking at the Null-Conditional [...]
BASeBlock Babble
More babbling about BASeBlock. It’s actually rather sad in a way because I would actually prefer to work on my work projects than on my own, simply [...]
3D Programming is still hard
A bit of a shorter post. Sort of a “progress” report on some of the personal stuff I’ve worked on recently. BASeBlock I’ve come to [...]
Wherein I dive into the Azure cloud
After my recent minor troubles with web hosting and domain name weirdness,I decided to look into possible ways to branch out, or improve the site. While [...]
Back to BASeBlock
BASeBlock was one of my first projects that I wrote in C#. I wrote a program that sort of worked like HijackThis and a INI file reader class- which I [...]