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I’m quite sick of the Main landing page of the site. It is a custom written CMS but I wrote it a few years ago, it’s crusty and the design is starting to feel a bit old. I’ve often been told that it feels “retro”; why, I am unsure, but at any rate it seems that I should try to dump it.

Ideally, I would have it all managed by WordPress, and can basically switch the entire site over to just wordpress, so I can focus on blog content, rather than having to fiddle-fart with downloads with my custom CMS who’s upload tool doesn’t work properly.

My first thought was to use pages- Downloads, for example, would be a button along the bottom, with each page being a separate download. This isn’t entirely unreasonable, but I also rather like my “auto update” feature in my software which checks for updates when run, and WordPress is perhaps not the best Download management tool.

So for the moment I’ve instead adapted the “news” page; the main landing page will redirect to the Blog, viewing posts in the “Site News” category, instead of the old news posts which were really just a single HTML file that I edited. The aim is to have people going to bc-programming.com end up viewing the blog design, rather than the main landing page design, as much as possible.

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