Finding All the Data (Doom “WAD” File Format)
Occasionally, I like to fire up gzDoom and play through some of the old Doom and Doom II Games and megawads. I use a Random Level generator, Obhack, which [...]
Cue Banners In Windows Forms
Textboxes have been around since the invention of the GUI with the Xerox Star Workstation, and even before that in the form of text-based applications such [...]
Adding “Product Key” Validation
Many types of software use Product Keys in order to prevent casual piracy. This is a fairly straightforward method of at least curbing it. It doesn’t [...]
A Gotcha with IDisposable and Enumerator methods
I recently stumbled upon an interesting quirk related to handling classes implementing IDisposable within Enumerator methods. In my particular case, I had [...]
GDI+ DrawImage Performance
Just thought I would make a quick post on this. I’ve been tweaking BASeBlock a bit to try to get it to allow for a larger window size, since [...]
Technical Debt
When designing and implementing software, one can always imagine more complete abstractions, supported features, and the like. Technical debt is [...]
Adding buttons to a Windows Forms ListView
A Demo Project covering the content of this post can be downloaded Here. Sometimes, a standard Windows.Forms.ListView just doesn’t cut it. Sometimes [...]
Logging your own Habits
This is the first post in a short series. This post covers the determination of what executable is currently in the foreground. What with all the hubbub [...]
Slapping the Windows Master Volume
On a recent Forum post, I was intrigued by the idea of being able to control the Windows Master Volume Programmatically. In that particular case, the [...]
“You are out of Date”
Recently, I overheard a very curious statement. This statement was made in regards to Visual Studio versions, and it was a discussion that many developers [...]