BASeCamp Network Menu Updated (1.1)
I’ve adjusted the program to add more options: Font settings can be customized Left-clicking on the Notification Icon will now show the network menu [...]
Enumerating Configured VPN Connections
I wrote previously about manners in which the SimpleWifi library can be utilized to enumerate available wireless connections and disconnect or connect to [...]
Retrieving Wifi Access Point Information in C#
When I wrote BCNetMenu, it was primarily for replacing Windows 10’s built in network foldout for VPN connections. However since that Network foldout [...]
BASeCamp Net Menu on Github
I’ve complained before about Windows 10’s rather odd VPN and even wireless connection interface, in that it has excessive levels of [...]
Retrieving and Setting individual Program Volume
I’ve previously written about making adjustments to the Windows Master Volume control programmatically. I alluded to the addition of possible other [...]
C# 6 Features: Dictionary Initializers
Yet another new feature introduced into C# 6 are a feature called Dictionary Initializers. These are another “syntax sugar” feature that [...]
Bashing Bits About
One of the old standby’s of software development is manipulating bits within bytes. While it used to be that this was necessary- when you only have [...]
Alpha-Blended Forms revisited
Previously I wrote about implementing a Alpha-blended form with VB.NET. In that implementation, I had an abstract class derive from Form and then the [...]
Windows 10 Anniversary Update: Long Path Names
I wrote previously, where I found that the Group Policy added to the insider build of Windows 10 did not have any observable effect. This is merely a quick [...]
The Long Saga of Long Path Names
Edit: 06/17/2016: I’ve gotten a few comments that for some reason mention “Long Path Tool”. I’m not clear why that is the case. Any [...]