Phrase Examination 1: “happy as a clam”
In a new type of post I will class “Phrase Examination” I will examine common metaphorical phrases that, when examined deeper, often have deep [...]
The deadly Microconda snake
I previous discussed the dangers of the deadly giant Earthworm. Recently, a new discovery has been made, the tiny Anaconda, which has been dubbed the [...]
“Spending my internets”
During my time on forums and various online communities, I have acquired multiple internets, through my hard work. for example, providing the exact [...]
Variables have rights!
I bring forth to you all an important cause. Ever since the inception of programming, we have used things called Variables. they store our data, they help [...]
The greatest threat to mankind….
According to statistics, the leading cause of death is dying. Well I say boll… wait… dying? No no… add a layer of abstraction…  [...]
Napoleon: The story of a person.
or, have some cheese. cheese can solve almost anything. I mean, it could have prevented world war 2! really, I mean, germany was all feeling down because [...]
Bill Gates uses Utorrent? I’m afraid not.
According to Al-jazeira, Bill gates uses utorrent: Nope- Bill was killed and replaced by the YFAIFAS,(Young Felines Attempting to Imitate Fat Opera [...]
BAD things in video games
Over the years, many different games have been published. many different genres explored. People think games have gotten worse over the years, but really, [...]