General Computing

Old Plastics and you
As anybody knows, there can be a lot of incorrect information on the internet. Internet “Just so” stories can spread like wildfire if they are [...]
UAC: Vista to Now
User Account Control, or UAC, was a feature introduced to Windows in Windows Vista. With earlier versions of Windows, the default user accounts had full [...]
Always use Black in designs
Sometimes you hear people say you should never use black. But you should like always use it. Look at the sky? is that black? No, because of the [...]
Shutting up Windows Update once and for all
I like to have control over when and if my system(s) perform Update tasks. As a result, I’ve configured Windows 10 Pro via Group Policy to the option [...]
Unicomp Ultra Classic versus Corsair K70 RGB
Previously, I wrote about my Unicomp Ultra Classic keyboard and my experiences with it. As it happens, that keyboard no longer works; The issues I mention [...]
The Long Saga of Long Path Names
Edit: 06/17/2016: I’ve gotten a few comments that for some reason mention “Long Path Tool”. I’m not clear why that is the case. Any [...]
Host Upgrade
Just a quick post! I’ve been considering upgrading my hosting plan. Right now I’m “grandfathered” into a lesser rate for hosting [...]
Perceived obsolescence
For quite some time now the idea of planned obsolescence has been somewhat commonplace. Computers in particular are often quickly considered out of date or [...]
GDI+ DrawImage Performance
Just thought I would make a quick post on this. I’ve been tweaking BASeBlock a bit to try to get it to allow for a larger window size, since [...]
Windows 10 Threshold 2 Release thoughts and tips
A few days ago, Microsoft released an update for Windows 10, the “Windows 10 Threshold 2” update. In some ways, this update is practically a [...]