Faking “Lightning” in a 2-D game
One of the fun parts of personal projects is, well, you can do whatever you want. Come up with a silly or even dumb idea and you can implement it if you [...]
Numeric Types and historical technical debt
Storing, calculating, and working with Currency data types seems like one of the few things that still provides a mixed bag of emotion. in C#, on the one [...]
Npgsql 3 And the mysterious Socket Error
Upgrading library components across an entire suite of applications is not without it risks, as one may shortly learn when upgrading from Npgsql 2 to [...]
Whereupon a Tape Deck leads to a VolumeSlapper feature
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Win10 Styling for Windows Forms Menus
BASeCamp Network Menu, which I wrote about previously, was a handy little tool for connecting to my VPN networks. It, however, had one disadvantage- It was [...]
BASeCamp Network Menu Updated (1.1)
I’ve adjusted the program to add more options: Font settings can be customized Left-clicking on the Notification Icon will now show the network menu [...]
Enumerating Configured VPN Connections
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Retrieving Wifi Access Point Information in C#
When I wrote BCNetMenu, it was primarily for replacing Windows 10’s built in network foldout for VPN connections. However since that Network foldout [...]
BASeCamp Net Menu on Github
I’ve complained before about Windows 10’s rather odd VPN and even wireless connection interface, in that it has excessive levels of [...]
Retrieving and Setting individual Program Volume
I’ve previously written about making adjustments to the Windows Master Volume control programmatically. I alluded to the addition of possible other [...]