The ubiquitious feeling of being lazy

February 7, 2015 - Misc, Programming

After working on, well, work stuff, for a day or at the end of the week, I like to try to relax. Perhaps I will play a game, or watch youtube videos or perhaps A movie, or maybe I’ll just mess about on my old System which I’ve got running Windows 10. And yet, for some reason, I cannot help but feel that I’m being lazy in doing so, because I’m not creating content for this blog or working on my own software projects. This is actually the very reason that I decided to write a blog post- and having no other topic, I suppose I can write about the feeling that I am “supposed to” be writing more content.

The old Web-based saying of “Content is king” certainly holds true here, and it turns out it has royally screwed my ability to enjoy doing other things very much, because there is always that niggling feeling of “You could be writing a blog post, or working on Elementizer or write a neat tool and then write a blog post about it, but you’re playing Minecraft/Spelunky/F-Zero/etc instead, stop being lazy. This, after working for 10 hours trying to sort out Build scripts and other similar tasks!

I think part of it is that, before I did it for a living, it was in my spare time, and 5 hours worth of it was a lot. Now It’s longer, day-long spells of Development-related tasks, design, documentation, WO validation, comments, etc. And by the end of the day I just want to push away the plate of C# code and “recover”… I don’t have anywhere near the amount of time I’d like to work on the innumerable projects I’d like to really commit time to to improve; BASeBlock needs an upgrade to use the XML Serialization framework I constructed and discussed previously here… I need to fully-redesign, from the ground-up, my main landing page to look and work better and have a better back-end, since currently adding new items to the “CMS” thing I have is such a pain in the butt I never bother to do so. I need to actually make progress on preHender and make it at least resemble a game, I need to actually learn, more deeply, WPF and the surrounding MVC technologies; I really should look into experimenting with Roslyn. I should be testing the Visual Studio Previews, but have only installed them so far on my secondary machine which I seldom use. I should look into creating larger projects in some of the languages I experimented with in the Anagrams Postings; In particular, Scala and D could be interesting to create a larger project out of (perhaps a port of my Expression Evaluator?) Speaking of, My C# port of my Expression Evaluator doesn’t work very well and I still use the VB6 version I wrote a decade ago for command-line evaluation… I could go on. And all of this always fills my head when I try and do something else.

So much that I want to do, and so little spare time to do it; and yet I feel guilty just trying to relax in that spare time!

Nonetheless, hopefully I can create some reasonable arrangement with myself to try to make my blog posts have more useful programming-related content as well as more frequent- though it’s getting to the point where most of my blog posts simply lament that I don’t post more frequently, which is just silly.

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