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“They really did it this time!”
One interesting trend I’ve noticed on tech-related blogs and articles is a strange focus on Linux- for example, “10 reasons to switch to [...]
the MS Web Stack
As many web developers are aware, there are a myriad of ways to develop websites and interactive web applications today. On the server side, one typically [...]
Anti-Virus Programs
Important Note: In a system management setting, Or a corporation, this is NOT something I prescribe. managing and dealing with a PC that only you would use [...]
When Administrator is just not enough
First, a warning: WARNING:Running programs under the LocalSystem account is dangerous! Only run programs that are built into the OS, and programs you [...]
a rant about “download managers”
So I was bored and decided to update my Flash plugin, a chore that I recollect stopping in it’s tracks previously, for reasons I couldn’t [...]