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Unit Testing
Unit Testing. Books have been written about it. Many, many books. About Unit testing; about Testing methodologies, about Unit Testing approaches, about [...]
Windows 10
Windows 10 has been out for a few weeks now. I’ve upgraded one of my backup computers from 8.1 to Windows 10 (the Build I discussed a while back). [...]
Thinkpad T550 Review
A while ago, I noted in my post about remapping keys how I got a new laptop. Though at the time I had not used the system enough to feel it fair to provide [...]
Integrated Development Environments. These are the programming tools that most of us have come to almost take for granted. They provide the ability to [...]
More stuff about Java
Recently I started working on what turned out to be a lot bigger of a project than original intended. It is a Bukkit Plugin; Bukkit being a server [...]
VS2010, XNA, and BCDodgerX potpourri
Call me old fashioned, or possibly slow, but for some reason I never seem to be using the latest version of a piece of software. Until recently I was doing [...]
BASeBlock 2.4.0 Dev notes
The currently released version of BASeBlock is 2.3.0. I have made a lot of changes to the game, added a few blocks, abilities, and other fun stuff, and [...]
The locked image
As with most of my projects, progress is usually slow because it’s something I do “when I feel like it” rather then on a schedule. [...]
Thoughts on VB6
I have been using Visual Basic 6 for many years; I have come to the point where using it is effortless; nearly any problem I have I can design and program [...]