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Anagrams Part 16: Rust
Making a return to my long dormant “Anagrams” series, with a language for which I had actually made a half-hearted attempt at before, Rust [...]
The self-perpetuating monoculture of Software Development
There has been a lot of recent noise regarding the demographic makeup of typical software developers and people working in CS. There is a lot of “pushback” [...]
The Lost art of Command Line Parameters
Most application frameworks/languages provide access to the Command Line parameters passed to your application. Generally it is passed to your application [...]
BASeBlock and Polygon Blocks
That’s right. The latest version of BASeBlock now adds a working Polygon block. There was a lot of reengineering to be done, but it works [...]
Free software- it still costs you!
Oftentimes, when comparing software products in the same market, you’ll see comparisons made where one product has a “pro” over another [...]
a rant about “download managers”
So I was bored and decided to update my Flash plugin, a chore that I recollect stopping in it’s tracks previously, for reasons I couldn’t [...]