25 Nov 2011 @ 10:44 PM 

Not generally speaking, but for any game with a large fanbase. Really, it actually kind of holds true for anything that has a large fanbase. People will always find things the complain about. The thing is, a forum for a game is more likely to become filled with people who want to bitch and complain rather than post any genuine critique.

One of the only game forums, and probably the last, given my experiences over the 6 or so months I have been a member (and from my understanding the situation is really quite the same on any game forum) that I am a member of is the Minecraftforums. I think I’m a member of the zsnes forum as well as eduke, but those don’t count as those are mature communities built up around well established older games- they don’t typically appeal to the average gamer these days. Minecraft is the only “new” game that captured my attention enough that I decided that I would join the official forums built up around it.

Now, with every update since than, people complain. Over. And Over. And Over. Mojang adds beds to the game- a useful feature for changing your spawn point in what is effectively an infinite world- people complain that it “ruins game balance”, which is a tad weird given it’s just a sandbox game, but oh well.  I’m sure people complained about the addition of sandstone in that same version, come to think of it.

The only feature I don’t really like in minecraft is the wolves; I tend to avoid them. Especially since whenever I use them they annoy the piss out of me and I end up killing them. The last time I tamed some they pushed me unto a ravine I was peering into that was floored by lava. I didn’t have to kill them that time since they piled into the ravine behind me. The reason I don’t complain about it that I really cannot think of anything that Mojang doesn’t already know. They already know the AI sucks. The only thing I can really say, and the only complains you can really find on the forum, amount to “the AI sucks” They already know that. repeating it isn’t going to get it fixed any faster, it just shows how impatient you are. Same with most new features.

Anyway, as usual there are hate threads for 1.0.0, “this should be released” “OMG how can it go from 1.8.1 to 1.0.0!” etc.


One of my responses, in this thread, pretty much summed up my thoughts on the constant complaints:



I swear to god the minecraft fanbase can be the biggest whiny bunch of entitled assholes. They add a feature, people bitch about game balance. They add a bug by accident, people accuse them of being lazy fucks. They remove that bug in the next version, people bitch that they had built mechanisms around that bug. People ask for more interesting mobs with unique abilities. They add more interesting mobs with unique abilities, and people complain that those mobs are destroying their work using that new unique ability. So they nerf that ability, and people complain that the mob is stupid now. People complain that the ores don’t have enough purposes, and then suggest that they add more. People complain about biomes being too small, so they make them bigger, and people complain that the biomes are too big and the landforms aren’t as “epic” (as if that is even quantifiable). People complain that they are spending too much time on new features and not enough time fixing bugs. They code freeze and release a few fixes, and people start bitching that they aren’t releasing enough content. Make up your fucking mind. All the while, they complain that Mojang isn’t listening the the “community” by which they actually mean Mojang isn’t listening to their personal half-baked ideas.

It’s no fucking wonder the Dev steam stays away from these forums. Any actual useful information is drowned out by the noise from people with a phd in being pretentious douchebags.

End of story right? at least three people agreed. Almost all of that is easily verifiable; All those complaints can be seen to exist in the archives and older posts. And there is no doubt that there are so many trite complaint threads that it would be impossible for anybody to sift through them to find the ones that are in fact reasonable critiques with usable suggestions/information on how to fix it. And the attitude of many of those posting such idiotic threads makes it clear they are in fact pretentious.

Imagine my surprise when I wasn’t just warned for that post, but suspended. The “warning” writes:

You made several insulting remarks towards other users. This is not acceptable.

My response essentially inquired as to where these insulting remarks were. I don’t see any. Use of swear words and foul language are there, but they aren’t used directly against anybody. The only thing remotely insulting might be the very last bit about “Any actual useful information is drowned out by the noise from people with a phd in being pretentious douchebags.” And really, nobody can argue that, either. But that is still only one instance. Unless “insult” has suddenly become a way to say “you pointed out facts that occured in the past and used them to form a coherent argument” I fail to see where this comes from.

Hilariously, all my warnings have come from people that only more recently became moderators. Not that that is really relevant, but at the same time it sort of makes sense. I know because I’ve been a moderator on a few and with that “title” you have a tendency to pay more attention to “rule-breaking”. After all, it is ones job. At the same time there is such a thing as taking it to seriously. it’s a game forum, and when somebody happens to use easily cited examples to make a point, I don’t see how that is an “insult” and I certainly didn’t insult other members directly. Unless somebody feels they are a pretentious douchebag, there is no reason for anybody to feel insulted by any of that.

Oh well. At least it fueled me to write a post.

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 27 Feb 2011 @ 8:52 PM 

Unless you’ve been living in a cave for the past year, or are a hermetic monk seeking spiritual enlightenment, you no doubt have had least heard about Minecraft; I’ve referred to it in a few of my previous posts. What exactly is it?

Well, It’s a game. That much should be clear. But the question should really be “what makes it worth mention”? Well, That’s a loaded question, since naturally opinions differ. Some people think it’s the best thing since sliced bread; others think it’s nothing more then a child’s plaything, like lego. I fall neatly between these two.

The basic idea is that there is:

  • No story
  • No Objective
  • No Boundaries

Anything you can think of doing, you usually can do. The nice thing is that it appeals to several different game players, who would normally seek different genres; you have the ability to explore and adventure through caves and find dungeons, and fight several types of enemies. Seeking treasures and materials; or adventure above-ground to find scenic locations or certain rare above-ground material deposits. Another “segment” is that if you can think of it, you can build it (as long as your idea fits within the game engine). For example, if you want to build a brick house, you can. But you will need to adventure and look for clay deposits, and then fire that clay into bricks, and then fashion the bricks into Brick “Blocks” which you can build with. It tries to balance the various things. Of course, that last bit is a taste of the concept of “crafting” which adds the “craft” to “minecraft”.

Basically, you can arrange various materials in a grid, and then that can create a new item that has a new use; For example, you can create axes, which make it easier to chop wood; shovels, which make digging dirt,sand, clay, and gravel easier; pickaxes, which are a necessary staple for underground exploration, swords to help inflict damage, armor, and various other tools and implements. Some people say that it’s the “procedurally generated world” that makes it worthwhile; I have to correct them, however, since although the world is “procedurally generated” that is no different then random maps on age of empires or Command & conquer; that is, the maps are generated procedurally. The appropriate term might be dynamically generated worlds- as you enter new areas, the game will randomly generate those new areas It’s not really so much “random” as it is “random with cues” that is, it doesn’t just randomly place blocks in a complete noise distribution, it randomly generates terrain and caves to look “natural”. This makes the replay value infinite; since even on the same file you could practically indefinitely go in a single direction and never run out of areas to explore. This brings about what I feel is sort of a bad point, though; while everything is generated randomly, the game has a habit of making things look pretty similar; in many ways, once you’ve seen one minecraft desert, you’ve pretty well seen them all. Of course occasionally the generator tosses in some unique landmarks or strange landforms, such as perhaps a dungeon lying right underneath sand so that the sand creates a small “dip” with exposed cobblestone, or perhaps grass covered mountains of trees in the center of a vast desert, etc.

This doesn’t so much detract from the game as much as it makes it easier to get lost. Thankfully, it usually throws enough unique landforms in that you can recognize them; “ahh, I remember, my main base was north of that mountain with the giant cave near the top”. The caves can sometimes be immense; having to light up every crevice to prevent monsters from spawning can get repetitive and boring, as you constantly find that the paths branch out in a handful of directions, and you find yourself getting lost near the bedrock with no torches, or something (which is more a result of being unprepared and reckless then of a particular problem with the game).

In a followup post I will discuss several “clone” games that are attempting to siphon off of Minecraft’s success, and even bring the game to new platforms.

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