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More thoughts on the fall of UX Design
Recently, I found a old Thinkpad T40 for around 10 bucks at the Thrift Store. I’m always a sucker for Thinkpad’s so I picked it up. I’ve already got a [...]
Operating System for “Programming”
Over the last few years – more than a decade, really – it seems that, somehow, *nix- and Linux in particular, has been tagged as being some [...]
Taking Control of Windows 10 with Image File Execution Options
There are a lot of components of Windows 10 that we, as users, are not “allowed” to modify. It isn’t even enough when we find a way to do so, such as by [...]
Windows 10
Windows 10 has been out for a few weeks now. I’ve upgraded one of my backup computers from 8.1 to Windows 10 (the Build I discussed a while back). [...]
Is XNA going away?
Is XNA Going Away? The following consists of my opinion and does not constitute the passing on of an official statement from Microsoft. All thoughts and [...]
I’m a C# Microsoft MVP for 2012
I don’t know how but somehow I’ve been awarded the Microsoft MVP award for my contributions to C# technical communities (C# MVP). Of course I [...]
VS2010, XNA, and BCDodgerX potpourri
Call me old fashioned, or possibly slow, but for some reason I never seem to be using the latest version of a piece of software. Until recently I was doing [...]
Broken Consoles Means “free” Hard Drives :D
I don’t know how helpful this will be, but it sort of surprised me. Basically, my brother has managed to go through three PS3 consoles. Each time, [...]
Microsoft and why the mob-thinking is wrong.
Microsoft. It’s unheard of to find a person who hasn’t at least used a Microsoft product; it’s even less likely to find somebody who [...]