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Linux: “A Programming OS”?
I don’t get why Linux is associated with programming so heavily. Or why it is said to be "good for programmers". Now, I have some personal [...]
Operating System for “Programming”
Over the last few years – more than a decade, really – it seems that, somehow, *nix- and Linux in particular, has been tagged as being some [...]
Perceived obsolescence
For quite some time now the idea of planned obsolescence has been somewhat commonplace. Computers in particular are often quickly considered out of date or [...]
“They really did it this time!”
One interesting trend I’ve noticed on tech-related blogs and articles is a strange focus on Linux- for example, “10 reasons to switch to [...]
SteamOS: “That’s a nice Iceberg, let’s crash into it”
Recently, Valve announced their upcoming ‘product’- a Free Operating System called SteamOS. Steam OS is the culmination of a year or so of [...]
Mono nonsense
Alright, so, I had finally gotten sound to work. it was wonderful. Sure, things ran a bit slow. And then poof, out of nowhere- Quite literally, I made NO [...]
Porting BASeBlock To Linux, and thoughts on Mono
No, Not the kissing disease, Infectious mononucleosis, the open-source .NET CLR interpreter and class library. .NET; I might have ranted about this before, [...]