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The Exciting World of Receipt Printing
While the title is partially tongue-in-cheek, in that Printing Receipts would generally not be a particularly exciting topic, it still offers it’s [...]
Mixing Languages in Real-World Applications
The observant may notice that there have been a rather significant drop in my post frequency over the last month or so. This is because I’ve managed [...]
A tidbit on GriefPrevention
I believe I’ve mentioned in posts here on the blog as well as news entries on my main landing site ( itself) regarding my [...]
Command Line Parameters: A Java Approach
Parameters and Arguments passed on the command line are something that we simply cannot seem to get rid of. Even with today’s UI-Centric Operating [...]
Filling your Jars with Python
So lately I’ve been doing quite a bit of Java related stuff. I’ve learned a lot. Mostly about how much better C# is, to be honest. But this [...]
Integrated Development Environments. These are the programming tools that most of us have come to almost take for granted. They provide the ability to [...]
Kicking the ItemBucket
Randomization is something that is pretty much a staple in games. But the tricky part is randomizing in an expected way. Some kinds of randomization, you [...]
You’re never as awesome as you think you are
Many developers and programmers may describe their experience with a language or technology as them having “mastered” it. But is this really [...]
More stuff about Java
Recently I started working on what turned out to be a lot bigger of a project than original intended. It is a Bukkit Plugin; Bukkit being a server [...]
Programming Language Performance, Part IV: Java and VB6
In order to compare various languages, I have been implementing a anagram search program in a variety of languages and testing and analyzing the resulting [...]