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BASeBlock Babble
More babbling about BASeBlock. It’s actually rather sad in a way because I would actually prefer to work on my work projects than on my own, simply [...]
Back to BASeBlock
BASeBlock was one of my first projects that I wrote in C#. I wrote a program that sort of worked like HijackThis and a INI file reader class- which I [...]
Serialization Pitfalls
It is a rather basic concept. The idea of saving some state within your program to disk, and restoring it later. Particularly when you are dealing with an [...]
BASeBlock:Visual Studio 2010 to 2012
Though I do tend to try to write my samples and test applications, as well as any new programs, using Visual Studio 2012, I haven’t yet migrated most [...]
BASeBlock and Polygon Blocks
That’s right. The latest version of BASeBlock now adds a working Polygon block. There was a lot of reengineering to be done, but it works [...]
BASeBlock 2.4.0 Dev notes
The currently released version of BASeBlock is 2.3.0. I have made a lot of changes to the game, added a few blocks, abilities, and other fun stuff, and [...]
A ReferenceCounted List
Here I explore the design and implementation of a Generic class designed to replace variables of it's Generic Type and add capability, while not forcing [...]