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In the image, we see a lot of claims about history. Let’s start from each one.

In 1891, you didn’t need permission from the government to…

1. Go fishing or hunting

Fishing and hunting licenses date back to the 16th century. Their use expanded heavily after the “Great chain of being” theory regarding natural life fell out of favour. Under that concept, it would be impossible to damage ecosystems or animal populations so there was no reason to regulate it. Once that fell out of favour (likely pushed forward by several ecosystem extinctions made people go, “huh, maybe we have this a tad wrong here mates?”) it became necessary to regulate Fishing and Hunting in order to preserve those animal populations.

2.Build a home or renovate it

Building permits were required for many renovations and construction long before 1891, with most cities incorporating bylaws and regulations regarding new construction to prevent city planning problems.

3.Get married

Marriage Licenses in North America Date back to the 1600’s, with most states and provinces having marriage licenses by the 1700’s. They serve as an official record of marriage.

4.use a transportation vehicle

This is correct- you did not need a license to drive in 1891. Of course, part of this may be related to the fact that there were less than 100 cars on the road in 1891, given the automobile had only recently been invented. Countries slowly introduced regulations- perhaps ironically given these sorts of image macros, after public outcry because unregulate vehicle traffic was causing fatal accidents with horse drawn carriages and pedestrians, because the drivers didn’t know what they were doing.

Driving a car requires a license because you need to prove that you aren’t going to kill people. Even with licenses, it doesn’t prevent it, but at least it gives legal recourse to get dangerous drivers off the road. Anybody suggesting that it is some sort of fundamental right to control a ton of steel hurtling down the road is insane.

6.become a tradesmen

“guilds” date back to the middle-ages, so this is just outright nonsense. Back then, being in a guild meant you had some minimum level of competency- otherwise you wouldn’t be accepted or would be kicked out. Modern Licenses and certifications serve the same purpose without the heraldry. These certifications and licenses to practice trades are why your house isn’t falling apart or using drywall for a load-bearing wall.

7. Ask permission to protest or reddress the Government

1891, coincidentally, was the year of the New Orleans Massacre, in which a District Attorney headed a mob to kill 11 Italians who had protested his work. Or 100 years earlier where 15 protesters were killed and several hundred others were wounded when government cavalry charged an otherwise peaceful protest in Manchester. Oh- by the by, the former case was written about in newspapers and it was suggested that perhaps the same actions could be taken against other unwanted minorities… Sounds pretty familiar.

Fundamentally this is just gibberish; it has no basis in fact and reads like a sovereign citizen manifesto. It’s some idiot waxing nostalgic over little house on the prairie without even a basic understanding of the time period.

have your income illegally taxed

The 16th amendment to the U.S constitution WAS ratified on February 3, 1913.

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