ReferenceCounted List Update

April 17, 2012 - .NET, C#, Personal, Programming

A quick update on the functionality I was trying to use ReferenceCounted List for in BASeBlock.

I ended up not using the class at all. I actually ended up just using a different method- instead of the powerup changing the drawattributes when it starts and ends, instead it is simply called each frame- basically the character is like “OK, before I draw- you abilities got anything to add” and it will change what it wants as needed. The gamecharacter resets it after drawing so if the ability is removed it will “revert” to normal appearance.

Also, this is possibly my shortest blog post ever. In order to bulk it up- I made some changes to the main page as well as the theme of the blog. The main page’s various images were tweaked, and the blog has had it’s font’s changed because the font it was using was annoying. (Windows Vista and later will be unaffected by the change). BASeBlock now has a “BuilderShotPowerup” thingamajig that let’s you shoot blocks and build stuff, which I think will be useful for building a “bridge” for the GameCharacter, and other purposes. (This idea was Mulreay’s, btw, he has great ideas). I tweaked a lot of stuff such as the editor’s sound data list editor now showing progress and being less annoying to use, and a few general tweaks and minor fixes here and there. I documented it all in the changelog which I will post when I finally upload the new version.

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