07 Jan 2012 @ 10:13 PM 

When speaking of browsers, Operating Systems, or various other pieces of technology, people will often speak of “market share”. I’ve always found it somewhat puzzling; the term Market share implies that the various selections are mutually exclusive. The thing is though, that simply isn’t the case

Take Linux “market share” for example. I use windows, as my primary OS, but I also use Linux on my laptop. Where do I fall? Who’s Market share do I increment? I use firefox usually as my browser, but I have Chrome, Opera, and IE installed. Does having them installed count towards market share? And if not, how often do I have to use them before they “count”, and who decides that?
Basically, once people start bleating about market share, they’d lost grip with the facts. There is no “market share” anymore; it’s all about Mind Share.


Anyway that’s a quick post from me. In other news I’ve got some additions to my INIFile.cs class (including a fix) that should make a juicy entry,too.

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