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This is the type of thing that is wrong with today’s youth:




Anyway, the story here is this fellow commented on one of my videos (some gmod thing, if I recall). OK. Anyway, I was bored so I visited his channel. I was greeted to the above. It reminds me somewhat of that tracer-t fellow. NextgenHacker101, you can find a link here.

Basically, it’s somebody who seems to think a basic VBScript that uses sendkeys is a virus. Well, actually, he doesn’t. In fact, he states the opposite, sorta… in a notepad window that he scrolls at the beginning. In typical fashion I will rip it apart because I am bored.


Before watching this you have accepted a Contract saying you won’t act like a retard and say “Dude wtf this isn’t a virus I’m a 1337 h4x3r and this shit ain’t no virus”

I have accepted no contract. shrink wrap EULA’s aren’t legally binding I don’t see how you saying I agree to something merely by watching a video is. It’s not. and lastly the leetspeak is H4X0R. Not that it matters.



Ok this isn’t exactly a deadly virus that will make your friends computer go x_x but I do know how to make those.

Judging by the rest of this video, No, you don’t.

I just don’t want to get kicked off Youtube by posting them.

You wouldn’t. all you have on your desktop there sir are a bunch of VBScript’s unlikely they do anything more dangerous then a few sendkeys.

Anyways this will teach you how to make a virus/Data ruiner bomb.

Ok readers! this is my favourite bit…

This is an original, so don’t say ZOMG that Son of a b**** stole my idea. Or don’t pretend your some 1337 (word for elite (it looks like leet say it and it sounds like elite in Derp talk (Derp= retard)) h4x3r (hacker in derp talk)

Now, I will attest that it probably is original in many ways. If we exclude such things as the MSDN sample for sendkeys. I mean really, you stick a Do Loop into a sample script, change some string constants, and suddenly you know what you are doing? No. Get your head out of your ass. Stick to BMX videos, thanks. Hell, stick to BMX’s entirely. I also like the explanations. Like his terms are so high above anybody and niche that he has to explain what “1337” is. and then he repeats the incorrect “hacker” leetspeak.

because if you weren’t a wannabe you wouldn’t be looking at this in the first place

I see… only wannabe’s watch your channel? As I stated above I was merely bored and wanted to see what kind of videos you had. I have been disappointed and amused at the same time.

Now that that’s said and done lets get to business.

Well thank goodness for that. I take it the video is over then?

damn. oh well.

And please don’t call people fags because they want to temporarily ruin someone’s life.

Ok, there are a few things wrong with this sentence: One, I wouldn’t call them “fags” I fail to see how tobacco products even remotely tie into this line of thought. I’d call them insipid idiots for being idiotic enough to actually look up to the creator of this video. Actually come to think of it I believe I feel sorry for them.

If your on this then that obviously means you want to know how to.

No, it doesn’t. It could also mean somebody saw one of your comments on their videos and decided to have a look see. But continue with the handwavey generalizations if you must.

And anyone else looking for teaching continue watching!

As long as it’s not grammar, apparently.

Anyways, I can’t be bothered to copy down the entire script, but it’s pretty much this:

So, basically, they just have some sendkeys in a loop. This is hardly original. It’s certainly not destructive. I was curious at this point as to exactly how this technological dilettante figured it was a virus, let alone destructive at all.

Anyway, they actually went to great lengths to bestow upon us his vast knowledge about what was happening.

After you opened it up You will want to put it in the code below exclude the (*)’s and the words inside the (*)’s
Set wshshell = wScript.CreateObject(“WScript.Shell”) * Press enter after this. This is the most important command as this tells what the wshshell object is supposed to do*
wScript.Run “Notepad.exe” *Press enter after this. This tells what is supposed to open I’m not sure you can run it without the wshshell.run “Program.exe”*
Do < Yes you have to type it in most important part is the do and the loop (you will see later) if the do and loop isn’t there it will just do this one time
wshshell.SendKeys “(whatever you want it to say exclude the ()” * this tell’s what it is supposed to do.*
wscript.Sleep 200
wshshell.Sendkeys “{ENTER}” *this makes it put in enter, not the word but the command
WScript.sleep 200
loop *finally the last part of it all, loop, this makes it loop back all the way to do causing a replay or loop
*Save the file with the extension being .bs*
Meaning put in the filename and have .vbs at the ending or it will not work.

(For any questions, complaints, or etc Please send it to me. I won’t look through the comments just to find it. I f you want to see the program run let the video continue playing, if you don’t, Begone fron which you came? I can’t run the .vbs because it will force me to log off or it will do a form bomb.bat on me. Sorry. But I can show some of the things it did to the files!

Several WTF’s, most notably, he hasn’t got a clue what he is talking about. It’s truly a case of the blind leading the blind. That doesn’t even count the quantity of spelling and grammar issues. Or the fact that they clearly don’t know about the comment character for VBS. Oh well. I particularly like the “because it will force me to log off or it will do a form bomb.bat on me” wtf does that mean? is he seriously just pulling terms out his ass? I believe so.

Anyways, his “corruption of files” really only amounts to opening a new notepad window and filling it with text. It never saves the file. The rest of the video… ugh. It almost makes me want to replace this entire blog post with a link to that video and a gigantic picard facepalm.

One last thing if you want to know how to end it. Just press CTRL+ALT+DEL, Go to Start Task Manager, go to Processes, and end process wscript.exe (IMPORTANT YOU END THIS ONLY OR IT COULD RUIN YOUR LIFE! You can let it run to it won’t damage your computer as long as you’re smart and leave the virus be. Don’t open any files or it will just attach them and no, this .vbs won’t delete your computer’s memory. It will just mess up somethings that use notepad or any other writing program. THe code is in the description (leave me alone I know I forgot how to spell description)

pure GOLD. This guy is a comedic genius. “end this only or it could ruin your life” and calling it a virus… and of course “it won’t delete your computer’s memory” HAHA. And then, irony of ironies, on of the few words he believes he misspells he spells correctly!

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