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 Why is it 'marketing' when a company helps itself to my information against my will and 'piracy' or 'industrial espionage' if I helped myself to THEIR information against their will?

BC-Programming Downloads

Write a Review. Read a Review. Ask for a Review. Discuss a Review.
Review sharing site. Also has excellent unboxing and reviews of new hardware done by it's own staff.

a site devoted to providing free, advanced source code to Visual Basic programmers since June 1998 and now also to the .NET and C# community. Specialities here are user interface, controls, the Windows API, XML and no-compromise code. Everything is edited, comes with full source code and is available under a relaxed open source licence.

Space And Science: a Site dedicated to discussions and articles about space, science, the universe, and other things. (Note: hat not included)

Comedy-oriented site/blog that based around reviewing various products. recurring themes include making fun of terrible cheap LED-based games, interspersed with philosophical discussions about the emotional state of onions. Excellent. Funny. Recommended for those with a sense of humour. Those who don't- go away. you aren't wanted nor liked by anybody.

Curious perversions in information technology

My stomach still hurts from the content of this site. It will certainly entertain me for several days as I watch the FAR TOO MANY videos he has (not that I'm complaining).

URL Unshortening service.

Where we CAN fix the broked stuff Is your computer giving you the "Blue Screen of Death"!?
Do you have viruses?
Do you need to know how to use a program for that Boss presentation tomorrow?
Wanna have a nice shiny website, but don't want to pay a fortune?
Just wanna know how to turn the blasted thing on?!
You have come to the Right place!
This site and service is run by one of my good friends. I warn you: he might be crazy. He'd probably look really good in a wizard hat, for what that's worth.
The Old New Thing
Exceptional Blog by Raymond Chen revolving around windows quirks that are usually the result of remnants from older documentation or behaviours.
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