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 Most people think time is like a river, that flows swift and sure in one direction. But I have seen the face of time, and I can tell you - they are wrong. Time is an ocean in a storm.

Freelance Development work

Whether you need an opinion on some awesome new super project website that you feel will take over the world, or whether you want ideas on the best way to set up a new website for your fledgling business, I can help. Things I can do:

  • Web page design, coding, and supporting graphics

    The main landing areas of this site are written and designed by me using PHP, CSS, and of course HTML, with some portions supplied by a back-end MySQL database (such as the downloads page). It was built from a mock-up of what I wanted that I made on paper, then built the proper structure and code to make it look that way. Now, don't misinterpret this; I am by no means a professional at this; I certainly don't make that claim; and I am always learning new things about CSS, HTML, PHP, and web development in general. It's a broad subject that isn't something that you can master without proper hands-on experience.

    Now, in that respect, most people don't have the aptitude, time, or the interest to learn web technologies to launch their website- they are already busy setting up their new company, or moving their office, or doing their other, more important tasks. For these people, my services could be invaluable, particularly for a fledgling company; money is tight, and you cannot always afford a professional web developer; that is where I come in. I'm up front about this- I make no claims that the result will look uber-professional. It might give that impression, but I can't say- I'm only an amateur at this, after all.

    However, I will be cheaper. That I can say with some certainty. So if you are trying to start a company and don't have the finances to hire a professional to do it, or the aptitude or interest to do it yourself, Contact me, and let me know what you need. Many desired projects I can say are beyond my current level of ability, but I will tell you outright that is the case, and you won't have any out of pocket expenses as a result.

  • Desktop Application Programming

    Need a custom Application built? Have a program (with source) that needs a minor tweak but the author ran off? I can help. Many things for which I have been asked to write a program for, I discover there are either tools that do that, or there are ways of making existing tools to do it. Obviously in those cases there is no payment for work done. The ideal case would be requests for seemingly simple applications; by which I mean, nothing gradiose, like a replacement for word, or a new pagemaker application. Obviously there is no need to pay me to simply take a suggestion, that would be silly. Charges would only go for applications that have a specific purpose and that you want to finance the development of; or keep the rights to yourself. In those cases, the application will not be available for download on my download site, unless you desire it to be there; you will be able to do whatever you wish with the resulting application; resell it, distribute it, etc. However, if the primary intent is to create a general-purpose application at a set price and then sell that application, some sort of royalty arrangement will need to be contrived.

  • Logos/banners/graphics

    I am not a professional graphics artist by any means, but if you need a logo, graphics (for say a navigational bar) or something to that effect on a small budget, I can provide that as well. Almost all the graphics on this page are created by me in Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro, and serve as a short "portfolio" of my graphics work being actively used; I also have created a number of hobby images and wallpapers in Photoshop to better learn the program, which I can link any interested party to, and if I may say so they are generally of much higher quality than the graphics I use on my site, simply because my abilities have grown in the meantime.

  • If any of the above pique's your interest, please do not hesitate to contact me at BC_programming@bc-programming.com; be sure to include as many details of what you want/need as possible, and I will get back to you as to the feasibility of me being able to perform the requested task as well as a quotation for my price for that task.