08 Oct 2016 @ 12:15 AM 

Had a bit of a hiccup with the move to the VPS- Seems I had some WordPress plugins that weren’t PHP 7 compatible and still accessed MySQL via the bad old mysql_ functions. I would have been able to sort it out sooner but I didn’t have access via my FTP, as in the move credentials had changed. I was able to get credentials sorted through support (I had to use the root account with a password I already knew, but had never tried arbitrarily on the root account since it wasn’t associated with one before).

At any rate, The site is now officially running on a VPS!

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 21 May 2016 @ 12:27 PM 

Keeping on top of new software development platforms is a full-time job… but I’ve already got one! One of my own personal frustrations about my current work is that we are still using Windows Forms. This is fine in that it does the job and I’m familiar with it, but it means that if I want to “remember” how to use WPF or learn anything about UWP, I have to do it on my own time. But when I’m writing or working on apersonal project I want something that words as fast as possible so I often fallback into using Windows Forms.

I recently posted about the Doom WAD File format, and noted that I would be targeting a WPF Application for actually using it, and I’ve held fast to that capability. It has been so long that I’ve forgotten a lot about how WPF and XAML work, so I’ve been relearning a lot. I’ve been referring to “Pro WPF in C# 2008” as a reference on some of the basics (Command Bindings and such).

It got me thinking about all the different platforms and libraries that are available. A recent comment on this blog regarding a code sample could be summarized as “It’s not on Nuget, this sucks, and you suck in particular”. Mind you, as it happens the libraries used there were used again in a later project for the same task which did in fact use NuGet Packages. But it set the mind in motion about how there is something of an unhealthy Dogma surrounding almost anything that is not new and cool and pop’n fresh. Even WPF is old hat tat this point; The ‘cool’ thing to do is abandon the well-fleshed out environment of Windows desktop applications and make UWP and Modern UI ‘Apps’ which themselves have quite a few limitations. In a way we’ve come full circle; we went from dumb terminals that interacted with a server, to fat-client applications that contained a lot of logic and perhaps communicated information with a server such as a database, and now we’re at thin “apps” which exclusively access the outside world through separate web services.

New Platforms, libraries, and technologies come out on such a consistent basis that keeping up is a very difficult task; especially when those new technologies themselves bounced off of previous technologies that you haven’t got a strong grasp on (In my case, XAML and WPF). For me personally I’ll be aiming to make all my future .NET programs in WPF so that in the process I can become more familiar with it (And stop forgetting everything I knew about it from when I worked on BCJobClock).

As a side note, Yesterday (May 21st, 2016) was Visual Basic’s 25th Birthday/Anniversary of it’s release on May 21st 1991. One of these days I have to finish up the drafts of each version of Visual Basic from my ‘series’ of posts on each version. (VB4 I hope to be particularly interesting!)

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 16 May 2016 @ 10:37 AM 

Just a quick post!

I’ve been considering upgrading my hosting plan. Right now I’m “grandfathered” into a lesser rate for hosting (The price for my plan changed but I already had it so it is still the original price). That said, it is relatively basic, and though I’ve had few problems I’ve found that occasionally it can be unreliable. Though it’s possible it is actually my hosting provider, I’m going with the theory that it’s related to using one of the cheapest hosting options available.

I’m considering upgrading my plan to provide additional flexibility. A VPS, for example, could prove quite useful, as it would allow me to create software with a larger “server-side” component. And the added bandwidth is more than a consolation prize.

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 10 Nov 2015 @ 6:34 PM 

Some time ago I wrote an entry (perhaps several) covering some of the technical aspects of “Recoder” which was a tool I originally created because I wanted to effectively duplicate my music library from it’s current .flac format to a “mirrored” copy using the same folder structure where all the files were .mp3 files. I’ve found the tool useful on a few occasions and shared a rather obtuse zip file that contains the program.

I decided to make a proper installer for it, and I even added a row to my old sites download database, even though the original admin back-end doesn’t work.

The download and a somewhat unhelpful blurb can be accessed directly here.

On a slightly related note, I really must rework how my downloads are made available, or at least better integrate it into the blog pages in some manner.

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